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The institutional film to present your company, promote your know-how and transmit your values

Air 3D Production is an audiovisual company specializing in the production of institutional films, in the area of Angoulême in Charente and throughout New Aquitaine or in France. With the production of an institutional film, the face of your company comes to life, revealing the passion and business expertise of your employees. Video captures and animates your activities, projects, services and positively represents your company.

Share your activities and know-how on video

With the rise of online content, video has become an essential medium. Film processing is presented as the basis of good digital communication. It is the ideal vehicle to promote your company, tell the story of your company, present the activities and strengths of your company, identify your projects, your innovations and highlight your values. It presents you with an aggregate and invites you to come and see you to learn more and transform your prospects into future customers.
Filmmaking is video content that can be used in various situations. It is easily shared on your online communication tools, your website and your social networks. But it would also be perfectly suited for broadcasting at events such as a trade show, conference or symposium. Its rather general message is aimed at all audiences (customers, partners, investors, distributors, shareholders, collaborators, employees, etc.)

Give a face to your company with corporate film

The film is the ideal way to present a company, to give it a face. By showing women and men motivated by the passion for their profession, the video reassures, reinforcing a bond of closeness and trust.
On a short video format of 2 to 3 minutes, we reveal the heart of the company. The film clearly and precisely answers the question "what does your company do?" ". The film reveals and enhances your organization, your employees, collaborators, partners, customers, values and know-how. The video visually and aesthetically reveals all the assets of your organization, whether you are a large team or an SME.

Air3D Production is an audiovisual production agency specializing in the creation ofcorporate films,event films,commercials,institutional films, as well as in aerial photography. 


Air 3d Production, audiovisual production agency Angoulême, Cognac, Charentes and  Nouvelle-Aquitaine
event video, corporate film, advertising video.

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